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Faux Pearl Breakaway Necklace


Every faux pearl we use is designed and made by us to be as aesthetically delighting as high-grade saltwater while being 100% pet safe. Engaged in every part of the pearl making process, we unequivocally make sure only pet safe materials is used. 

Enhanced with features like safety first breakaway buckle and fully customizable charm styles, this is a must buy for any pet lovers this holiday season.

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Freshwater Pearl Breakaway Necklace


Imported from Japan, our freshwater pearls are quality controlled and certified. Only the pearls with the best texture, size and weight make it to our jeweler. Our relentless pursuit of quality stems from our unwavering belief that every fur baby deserves human grade luxury. 

Safety-First Break-Away Buckle: A secure break-away buckle that quickly releases, even if your cat gets tangled or caught, preventing accidents. Your fur baby’s safety is always a priority at Purry Purry. 

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Celebrate your inseparable bond with your pet. Design your unique style from over 100 charm selections, and wear the connection that makes you and your pet an inseparable pair. Don't just share your life; share your style.

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